Originally a workers cottage for the farmhouse, the cottage was far from what you see today. Our goal was to retain and reuse as much original materials as possible. The original roof beams are what you can still see today and the concrete floors are existing. However, the floors did require another layer of concrete that were finished with a burnish effect. Our vision was to create a holiday property that had character and was light filled. A place for a family to spend their time away or for a small group of friends to come and relax. We had a bit of fun with the interiors … a hand made kitchen, encaustic tiles used for the laundry bench and powder room floor and the oversized pendants in every room. Outside we very much inspired by our trips to Bali with the rattan pendant lights in the gorgeous Norfolk pine tree and the feature gate that can connect the cottage with the SOUL Farmhouse when they are booked together.

INSIDER INFORMATION: What you might not know, is that my family of 6 camped in here before the renovation was completed. It was not what it is now … we shared one bathroom for the 6 of us (not that great considering I am the only female out of our family of 6)!