W E W I S H I T E X I S T E D W H E N W E F I R S T S T A R T E D.



You’re a holiday property owner, or inspire to become one. SOUL Home is a platform just for you.

I want to share everything that I’ve learnt and wish I’d known before I started on my journey.
And we will be calling on experts in their field - from cleaning to marketing and everything in between
– to share their wisdom and experience. It will save you time, energy and money!

Our role as holiday property owners is to create unforgettable memories for our guests. To pay attention to the tiniest detail, add those special touches that transport guests to another place, to make our properties welcoming and inviting enough to kick back, relax and immerse themselves in all that our properties and their surrounds have to offer. We want them leaving with that special holiday feeling to sustain them long after the crazy demands of
day-to-day life kick in again.

It’s like when you take a loooong, slow breath out. All of a sudden your shoulders relax and you feel lighter. THAT’S the holiday feeling …and one that we will provide you with the tools to create.

SOUL Home is the go-to platform for holiday property owners. A place where you’ll find the real life advice you need to succeed. A place where you’ll be supported. A place to connect with other holiday property owners who share a common vision. But it’s more than that.

SOUL Home is a real and dynamic community for both you and me and I want to make you very welcome!

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